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Welcome to the Mentor Hub, a one-stop shop for Mentors. Discover new resources, workshops, and events. Log-in sessions. Connect with your Mentor Ambassador, and get the information you need to succeed in this journey.

2023-2024 Mentor Session Benchmarks

Mentors and Mentees should be meeting weekly, or at least 3x/month throughout the school year from September through May. Remember to log all sessions after meeting with your student through the TSIC Mentor App or the TSIC Website. Use this graphic to guide you and stay on track!

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Mentor Recruitment Challege

Do you know someone who would make a great mentor? Refer a friend, co-worker, a business or a group for a chance to win a $25 to $100 gift card. Send your referrals to [email protected]

[email protected]

Mentor Managers


Elissa Sorel
Mentor Manager
North/Belle Glade/Pahokee


Kamil Segarra
Mentor Manager